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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Roger Bannister - first man in history to run the mile in less than 4  minutes
(want some extra inspiration??? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Bannister)

                                 Katherine Carey
           Visionary and Dream Warrior   

So why this challenge??? Why 60 hats on 60 days???

I mean this is indeed a challenge and my life is extremely busy and full as is. Taking on making a hat each and every day...why???

Well, simple. I have a Great Big Dream. As most of you know I am indeed A Great Dream Warrior FULL of Faith and Belief that INDEED Dreams REALLY DO Come True!!!

I have posted recently that I had 4 dreams come true since last year...most of which were 20 years in the making. (http://paradisemillinery.blogspot.com/2010/03/dreams-really-do-come-true.html)

How does this work? How did these dreams come true?

Again simple.

God plants seeds and I water them. God then sees me nurturing the garden of My Possibilities and putting forth effort to see these seeds come into full bloom. So then He sprouts them and I get a glimpse that YES they are true, they are growing, so I keep watering them...why wouldn't I?

Here is another example. God puts a door in front of me. A door that could lead to amazing opportunities. But...I need to reach out for the handle and turn the knob. I am not sure what is behind the door but I know it's full of potential and purpose and it's for My Good for God would give me nothing but good.

Yet it requires effort and willingness. It requires stretching to reach the knob itself. It's really up to me. My free will. I can continue to just do what I do, which is totally fine. At the end of my life I will have led an average life of fineness. But one thing I KNOW is that behind that door is My Exceptional Life!!! Me at My Very Best!!! My Purpose!!! The life that God has blessed for me!!!

I Love to be Exceptional!!! I Am Great at Exceptional!!!

So I reach out, with confidence and take that knob and turn it with power and ...the door opens. That was the first step. I can not quite see what is behind the door, the path isn't completely clear but it IS GOLDEN and so confidently I take yet another step.

I am in. It IS ON! The Dream Comes True!

God then keeps opening doors and I keep stepping through. Simple.

So This Next Very Grand Very Believable Dream has come. I have already opened the door. I can even see the path clearly this time so that makes it even more realistic to take.

I have a dream. My dream is to do the following beginning in August.

. Gracefully leave Maui for a year

. Visit mi Familia in Arizona for 2 weeks

. Fly to London and take hat classes from Rose Cory, the former hat maker to the Queen Mum

. Then fly to NYC and establish Myself

. Meet and build relationships with ALL the people I need to meet and build relationships with to continue the launch of my hat business

. Meet the gallery owners

. Go to the MET once a week and study just one section of that grand museum at a time

. See My Hats and Myself participate in Fashion Week

. Experience my very first winter ever

. Be open to All The Possibilities!!!!

So this dream is extremely clear. There is room for maneuvering for God loves for me to have room. But the path is obvious, the vision precise, the seed already sprouted.

In order to make this Dream a reality I must raise funds. Since this Dream is about launching my Millinery Business I want my Millinery to launch The Dream!

So 60 hats in 60 days that will sell for $100. each...well that makes $6000. and a very realistic start.

Each hat will be an Original, One Of A Kind. The price is fantastic for I want it to be desirable for you and realistic for me...a real win win. By participating You are becoming one of my investors and that is something I shall not forget. I appreciate that so.

SO...keep an eye open...60 days of brilliance is coming, and maybe just maybe one of those days will be for You a day when You say..."Hey! That's My Hat!!!"

21 days can change a habit, 60 days could just change Your Life!!! Have a goal...join me April 14, 2010...it's ON!

to be continued....definitely...

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