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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Many Hats Will A Hatter Hat In 60 Days?!!!

This IS My Goal!!!

Even though I honestly am not feeling good, and I am quite disappointed in this, I can not NOT achieve what I have set out to achieve and what has inspired an entire Successathon!

Successathon spring 2010 60 days to change your life! Free Join ME!!!

I see it as I can sit here and be under the weather, feeling sorry for myself, and I am still under the weather OR I can be under the weather (for I can not deny that my body is saying something and want's attention...fine, I give it) AND STILL BE PROGRESSING TOWARDS MY DREAM!

All I have to do to progress is make one little hat a day...why can't I make that while sipping tea in my pj's....even in bed if I must (or want)...the goal is A HAT A DAY!!! CAN DO!!!

That is simply the truth. I still feel the same, I AM being gentle with myself, BUT I need not stop just because.

I have a Brilliant Goal!!! And YES I would love to see me reach 60 hats in 60 days...perhaps I will...BUT...I like asking myself just how many will I make? Perhaps I'll make more!

Oh Brilliant Moi!!!

Brilliant You!!!

What is Your Dream???

Check Us out...We ARE fabulous!


Coco would absolutely appreciate ME!!!

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