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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Tuesday April 6th and Today's Honoree is...

The Lauhala Cocktail

NOT just The Lauhala Cocktail BUT My Personal Signature Hat!

I have worn this hat to just about every occasion possible...talk about versatile! From dinners out, to art openings, to church, to the grandest of events, to meeting Betsey Johnson!!!

This IS The Hat of all Hats and you can make a bet that indeed I WILL be making some of these within the marathon.

Lauhala is made from a leaves of the lauhala tree. These trees grow many places but here on Maui you'll spot them along the coast of the beautiful drive to Hana. They look like they came from a Dr. Seuss book...Their fruit has people thinking it's a pineapple tree (it's not)!!! Very animated, very useful!!!

The leaves are dried and stripped and then woven into beautiful items from hats to purses to floor mats (my house is layered with lauhala floor mats).

For this style I choose mats and then cut and re-shape to my heart's desire. I then add some lovely scarf I make and of course some silk and satin hand sewn roses with vintage buttons or in this case colored glass beads.

Honey, this hat...it's the very best! Betsey herself said so but even more importantly...I, the maker and wearer KNOW SO!!!

9 days till I begin...are you in???

21 days can make a new habit...60 days could change Your life!!!

Have A Goal in mind....JOIN ME!!!

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