Katherine Carey Millinery

Monday, August 16, 2010

Les Hap's

Hap's....things happening for a reason.

Seems every time "lately" that I have some thought of clarity a plane or helicopter immediately flies over my house/head. Interesting. (well at least the past two days of thoughts and clarity/the past two thoughts!)

I have just finished an amazing week of boundary crossing, creative processing, trust, and receiving, acceptance and believing, hands up in the air, knowing that ALL is abundantly on point.

I am walking my path.

My time lately has been spent fine tuning the dream that is my life. Preparing and planning with thoughtfulness, care and lots of prayer.

And what has come of all of this???

Well a Master Plan of strategy, very clear, very dear, very near.

I am learning to trust and to react from my heart and not my emotions (as much). For example,: though I have had some incredibly tough weeks (re: j.o.b) and have wanted to flee immediately I am now breathing into the idea of leaving still BUT on my own terms and not out of panic.

SO I have created and adjusted my "way" of living and my budget to meet the goals I have and set me free in a way that gives my business a running start and chance to soar and succeed. As I have done this I find myself twee-king my original plans...and what are original plans? Just like a canvas with paint I am adding layers and layers to the masterpiece that is My Life.

I have re kindled a love that is myself and my island...Maui is so incredibly beautiful and I have established a gorgeous life here and am now including this in the bigger picture. Rather than pack up and leave for a year "or so", I can see myself leaving for a 3 month journey. Perhaps I sublet or even house trade while I am off. Maui is a great poker chip to have, it is desirable as a location and mi casa is amazing SO rather than give it up I choose to use it to my heart's delight.

In Hat-land my creativity is pouring gracefully and abundantly. New designs, new fabrics, new clients, new website (almost complete).
the latest...Poppy!

I am a hat maker, born and bred.

SO I'd say that my latest hap's are happening and my focus is on continually clarifying, defining, removing obstacles, accepting what simply is, trusting myself, trusting God, watching for miracles, opening my heart, letting words that do not serve me go right through my ear and out the other WITHOUT stopping for contemplation (biggest challenge I am currently working on)...so unnecessary...letting words that are helpful, encouraging, or guiding go through one ear AND STOP to be used with in me, re adjusting my lifestyle to meet the lifestyle I desire and the enjoyment of the peaceful quiet moments...just like the one right now.

Much love fellow dream warriors!