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Monday, April 5, 2010

10 days and counting!!!

As I get prepared to launch into My Successathon (as a dear friend, Jenni named this time)...which is the commencing of 60 Hats in 60 Days, I want to spend this week Honoring The Hats of My Past.

Hats that have come out of different Inspired Times. Hats that have made me smile, or pricked my fingers, or poofed together effortlessly or caused mild tantrums. The end result always blissful and today's pick is....

Parisian Rose

This Rose is made of Chinese brocade and fuchsia silk...one of the most amazing colored silks I had ever seen. It changes with the light adding hints of orange...bellisima!

The center is dupioni pale pink silk and blush tone glass beads. This hat just makes me smile.

It now belongs to My Greatest Collector of The Moment... Leslie Granat.

Little roses sat a top their heads, making them smile and think silly little thoughts.

xoxoxxo for monday . april 5th . 2010 . 10 days to go!!!

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