Katherine Carey Millinery

Friday, October 1, 2010

from Dreamer to Planner

So...I AM a Planner.  It's what I do...some could say "how I roll". 

The reason I "plan" is that planning takes a day dream, a fleeting thought, a wild idea, a "wouldn't it be ______" and turns it into a fact.

For me planning is my first act of faith.  Planning is a belief that INDEED I am working towards this dream, so much so, that it is no longer a dream anymore...it is simply my life.

Everyone has different ways of expressing themselves, different processes...this simply is mine.

Oh! And I adore it!

In the process of planning my first and upcoming trip to Paris I discovered a friend was on route (this evening)...Would he? Could he?  Take these lovely ladies and plant these seeds for me while strolling the streets of Paris???  Yes he could...and so quickly these lovelies were delivered to him and will be on the plane tonight and you know what pleases me most of all???

I will be following....and soon.  My dream turned into a plan which turned into an opportunity which just may (and likely will) help me to reach this goal making this dream...reality!

What a fun and rewarding process.