Katherine Carey Millinery

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day #10 Realization Day!

It IS A DAY of Realization!!!

A calm morning with clear intent.

It IS time to re align.

I want to THRIVE not strive!
The Push has to go! The Path that is mine requires no push. The doors open gracefully on their own! Yes I reach for the knob...that is my part BUT I do not need to kick in the door (for if I must kick door it's the wrong door!)

It's not a giving up, it's a re-aligning. In Dream Warrior phrasing it's a New Strategic Plan For Action.

I don't have all the details for this days awareness is enough!

But I will spin around my studio this weekend, seek inspiration, dance into my heart, let go of expectations of myself and definitely others...I WILL RISE LIKE THE PHOENIX FROM MY OWN ASHES and maybe pluck a few of my own feathers to don a hat!

So to gently skipping along...humming my tune and enjoying EACH moment...It's my life, my vision, my joy, my heart, my timing, my journey and it's just fyne!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day #3 and I've already started the Wine Tasting

"Wine Tasting"
Shaped straw with vintage navy and white polka dotted chiffon scarf, and of course, golden grapes.

You will DEFINITELY get extra samples in the tasting room!
A one of a kind.
Third in the series.


May be purchased anytime, and available for delivery after July 1, 2010
There is a $15 shipping and handling fee.

Being as this is the only one, if you are interested, please let me know a.s.a.p. Hats sold on first come first serve basis.

Please put hat title in subject box
(ex. wine tasting)


How Many Hats Will A Hatter Hat In 60 Days???
stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day #2 Tea Time

"Tea Time"

Day #2 and it's already Tea Time!  Whether a classic Earl Grey, a spicy chai, or an exotic green tea THIS is the perfect hat to match!!!

Made of sinamay straw, Mother of Pearl, and vintage lace ribbon.

This IS Hand Woven lace ribbon likely from the 1920's.

Hat ties in back and here you could use a bobby pin to hold in place.  Lite as a feather.

A one of a kind.
Number 2 in the series.
May be purchased anytime, and available for delivery after July 1, 2010
There is a $15 shipping and handling fee.

Being as this is the only one, if you are interested, please let me know a.s.a.p.
Hats sold on first come first serve basis.
Please put hat title in subject box
(ex. tea time)

How Many Hats Will A Hatter Hat In 60 Days???
                             stay tuned!!!

Day #1 Le Fleur Du Jour

"Le Fleur Du Jour"

Day #1 of this journey was started with a bloom!
This rather large flower is made of sinamay (a very lite straw), Mother of Pearl, and vintage lace

The lace was part of a treasure bag I was given about 16 years ago.  I was given bags full of costume supplies from one of the prominent families here on Maui.  Lace pieces, jet beads, bobbles and such. This lace is probably from the 20's, probably hand made, and definitely fantastic!!!

Simple to wear...ties lace under hair on nape of neck.  I often add a bobby pin to hold hat in place.  The beautiful thing with this material is you won't even know it is on your head BUT everyone else will!

A one of a kind.
First in the series.
May be purchased anytime, and available for delivery after July 1, 2010
There is a $15 shipping and handling fee.

Being as this is the only one, if you are interested, please let me know a.s.a.p. Hats sold on first come first serve basis.
Please put hat title in subject box
(ex. le fleur du jour)

How Many Hats Will A Hatter Hat In 60 Days???
stay tuned!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

♥ My Dream is as Special As Me ♥ As Unique As Me ♥ It IS Multi-Layered ♥ Requires Effortless Ease ♥

How True!

Dreams are meant to be multi layered.  Multi layering allows for mystery, allows for miracles, allows God the space to open doors you may never have even thought about.

Today I open my dream to God.

I need not add pressure to my pot...I am making a delicious soup of my life and that requires slow and steady low heat not pressure cooking.

So today I choose to NOT make a hat.  No need.  Somedays I will make two (like Day 1) some days I will make none...I know my goal and I will reach it.

My goal isn't 60 hats in 60 days...

My Goal IS:

. going to London to meet and learn from Rose Cory

. moving to NYC for about a year (or how ever long I wish to be there) and embracing all that the city has to offer me

. allowing myself to grow as an Artist and Designer (accomplishing already!!!)

. to truly feel Contented and Happy (I have ALREADY accomplished this...hooray!)

. To see and spend time with Mi Familia in Arizona

These are my dreams and no matter what I do THEY ARE ON ROUTE...THEY ARE HAPPENING AND IT'S JUST A MATTER OF TIME...and guess what?

I get plenty o time!

So this Successathon, is So Important because it is like a retreat into Your Dreams.  This 60 day period is about truly embracing, living, believing, seeing Your Dream.

I find that ANY step I take towards My Dream is Just Exactly What I Need To Do.

So what do the next few steps look like???

I plan enjoying my weekend, spending time with people who inspire me (how awesome is that), floating naked in a pool, lounging in the sun, listening to beautiful music, laughing with dear ones, driving Miss Daisy (my little white miata), dressing up, donning hats, fueling myself with what makes me happy.

Perhaps I pull out my camera and take pictures of this week's brilliance.
Perhaps I will clear the deck of my studio and prepare for next week's brilliance.

I am ABSOLUTELY ON POINT.  Posed for all possibilities. Prepared and ready. 

I am a True Success Truly Living A Successathon!!!

Brilliant Me!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 2 is a HUGE FLOWER

The Sister to yesterday's hat IS MADE!!!

Folds of lite weight sinamay straw create a delicate & light flower that sits a top the head! Both Sister's have Mother of Pearl buttons & vintage lace (given to me by Hoppy (my neighbor in one of my studios years ago....he gave myself and my studio partner, I believe, 3 hefty bags full of "stuff"...ALL TREASURE...vintage lace, jet glass beads, victorian jewelry...needless to say I have held on to much of these and with this collection, when fitting, I just "may" use some...these lace ribbons were part of Mrs. Von Tempsky's craft supplies - I can only imagine what...... she designed) I have held on to these lace pieces for almost 16 years...they ARE Treasures. ♥

Photos coming soon. Starting to feel better. Thank You God! ♥

How Day One Unfolded

Today after napping with The Tiger rather than fighting The Beast I arose to soak in a tub of honey and lavender. I embraced the Power of Today without even realizing and then I opened up.

Full on to ...What Do I Truly Want???

I stepped out of the tub and into these words:

My Dream is as Special As Me
As Unique As Me
It IS Multi-Layered
Requires Effortless Ease

It IS Multi-Dimensional, Opening Beautifully
A New Petal to Discover
AND with it a New Scent of Mystery
The Fragrance Vanilla, Wild Rose and Gardenia
Mixed with Chai, Ginger, and Musk

It IS about Joyfulness
It IS about Love
It IS about Shining As Exceptional

I Want to Let Go of The Wheel and Just Be Free
The Wheel Wants Me to Hold On
Not Too Tightly

I WILL Do This
I Desire to See What IS behind The Door to My Possibilities
I See Myself Unlocking Doors
I See Myself Being Embraced
WITH Laughter and Thoughtfulness
I SEE The Gestures

The Design IS Obvious
The Technique My Own
The Sweetness Maple Honey

My Dream
IS Ab-Soul-utely

And then I designed 2 hats!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Many Hats Will A Hatter Hat In 60 Days?!!!

This IS My Goal!!!

Even though I honestly am not feeling good, and I am quite disappointed in this, I can not NOT achieve what I have set out to achieve and what has inspired an entire Successathon!

Successathon spring 2010 60 days to change your life! Free Join ME!!!

I see it as I can sit here and be under the weather, feeling sorry for myself, and I am still under the weather OR I can be under the weather (for I can not deny that my body is saying something and want's attention...fine, I give it) AND STILL BE PROGRESSING TOWARDS MY DREAM!

All I have to do to progress is make one little hat a day...why can't I make that while sipping tea in my pj's....even in bed if I must (or want)...the goal is A HAT A DAY!!! CAN DO!!!

That is simply the truth. I still feel the same, I AM being gentle with myself, BUT I need not stop just because.

I have a Brilliant Goal!!! And YES I would love to see me reach 60 hats in 60 days...perhaps I will...BUT...I like asking myself just how many will I make? Perhaps I'll make more!

Oh Brilliant Moi!!!

Brilliant You!!!

What is Your Dream???

Check Us out...We ARE fabulous!


Coco would absolutely appreciate ME!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Hatter's Hat-A-Thon

Once there was A Dream...

Wednesday April 14, 2010

New Moon

New Journey commences

ongoing through

Saturday June 12,2010

New Moon

Goal accomplished!!!

How Many Hats Will A Hatter Hat...

                    In 60 Days???

Each Hat will be An Original, A One Of A Kind, Creative Expression.
Hats will be Available For Sale for $100. each
Hats will be posted daily and can be purchased via email, or link to my etsy shop(http://www.etsy.com/shop/paradisemillinery), or through paypal.
Very simple...ask and I shall guide You!
$$ What are the funds for: $$

$.  To sponser a trip to London, England where I shall take hat classes from the former hatmaker to the Queen Mum, Rose Cory
$.  To then send me to NYC where I shall establish myself and dive head first into the fashion business


Le Showing of Le Grand Collection:
                       June 26, 2010
                       Full Moon
  Hat Show Event to be held on Maui

Hats are available for pre-purchase. Pre-purchased hats will be sent directly after the show. During the show they will be featured on display as SOLD!!

So How Many Hats Shall Be Hatted???

21 days can change a habit 60 days likely to change My Life!!!

Join Me?
Have a goal in mind?
The Theatre For Dreams
it's free to join and will help You Launch Yourself!!!

Off to continue with My Exceptional Life!!!

The Hats To Be!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Balance . Strength . Nurturing . Determination . Stamina . Rest . Clarity . Focus

Pausing for a moment prior to taking on Le Grand Challenge.

How to accomplish this Brilliance and keep the above in tact.

Part of changing a habit is simply change.  Change can be for some uncomfortable, forces unseen, out of their norm.  For me, change is natural.

Still I am fully aware that this is indeed a change. 

Am I ready???


So for the next 3 days I will stay calm, research a proper diet to give me strength through out, learn to show up with out draining my resource (Me).

Oh I am so open to ideas for energy, strength, stamina...so please share any you may have.  (I have sorted out how to allow comments with out the silliness of actually joining this blog so it should be simple now!)


Only 3 days away...60 Hats in 60 Days!!!

Prepared to create a new habit and change My Life!!!

Stay tuned!

preparing for a wonderful adventure
hhhhmmmmm....what would Coco do?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunflowers anyone???

Grand Opening of Paradise Millinery, Paia, Maui circa 1993

Not only are these my hats but as well two of my dress re designs...the sunflower dress and the, of course, matching muu muu and hat! (I loved cutting classic muu muu's into mini dresses and making matching accessories!)

And check out my front door!!! Yep...I LOVED this shop!!!

Twas opening night of my first hat shop in Paia.  A gas station turned fashion haven.  This was the start of numerous events or "happenings".   Each would include a fashion "hat" show, poetry, music...you know...bohemia!

The Sunflower Flapper

Oh yes!  I went through a serious sunflower phase!
Notice my model's jeans to which I painted sunflowers on! (The history is that before I learned to make hats I painted on straw hats and jeans!!)

So with this garden I continue the countdown...5 days!
And to help keep my strength up I am eating plenty of ....sunflower sprouts!!!

Through and through I will continue to believe that....
21 days can change a habit 60 days could change Your Life!!!


60 hats in 60 days!

Friday, April 9, 2010

More Fella's

My Very First Gents Collection circa 1992

So a classic collection for the fella's and this photo FANTASTIC!!!
I was doing one of my very first shows at the Sponto Gallery in Venice Beach and we decided to do a photo shoot.  These three boys were heading to the boardwalk and we asked them is they would pose for a moment and LOOK AT THIS BRILLIANCE!!!

I don't even know their names BUT each one is so unique and their expressions timeless and well THIS IS one of my most favorite photos EVER!

The hats speak for themselves and I am thrilled to be making a New Gents Collection that will start in ....6 DAYS!!!!

21 days can change a habit 60 days could just Change Your Life!!!!

I am SO READY!!!! ARE YOU!?!?!



Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh The Gentlemen...

The Year Of The Snake

Oh Dino!!!  Such a great shot of really such a great hat!!!

This hat was made from a pair of faux snakeskin pants!  Wrapped around the band is a snake with vintage rhinestones for eyes (orange-red!)

I did an art show that was around Chinese New Years so I made a collection of 12 hats, of course, each representing one of the years...hence The Year Of The Snake!

Oh I loved these hats...must do this again...maybe next Chinese New Year.

For now the challenge is: in 7 days...

60 Original Hats in 60 days!!!

Fully believing that 21 days can change a habit and 60 days could change Your Life!!!

You in??!!!
Twill be FUN!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"24" A Rather Magical Year

The Grand Banyan Hat

When I was 23 I had just started making hats.  I had moved back from Maui (the first time) to Manhattan Beach, Ca. and for my 24th birthday I went to where my heart was...a trip back to the jungle!

The jungle being Nahiku, Maui.

Along side the sweet road on route to the landing and sea was this gynormous Banyan tree.  Banyan trees have these threads that are their roots which fall gracefully from the top and when they hit the ground they root very strongly.

So I started pulling and clipping and hanging off the roots that hadn't made it to the ground yet.  I soaked the roots in water and sat on top a cliff over looking the ocean and started weaving.  (Basically an upside down basket) and then one day Poof!  One of my favorite hats and now 17 years later I still have this hat.  It has held up quite well.

And the tree?
She is still there, along side the road, glorious and waiting for another moment have me clip and hang and pull Her...for She had FUN too!!!

Today's Sweet Memoir!

So officially 8 days till launching!!!  Exactly a week from Today I commence!!!

21 days can change a habit...60 days could change Your Life!!!

You in???

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Roger Bannister - first man in history to run the mile in less than 4  minutes
(want some extra inspiration??? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Bannister)

                                 Katherine Carey
           Visionary and Dream Warrior   

So why this challenge??? Why 60 hats on 60 days???

I mean this is indeed a challenge and my life is extremely busy and full as is. Taking on making a hat each and every day...why???

Well, simple. I have a Great Big Dream. As most of you know I am indeed A Great Dream Warrior FULL of Faith and Belief that INDEED Dreams REALLY DO Come True!!!

I have posted recently that I had 4 dreams come true since last year...most of which were 20 years in the making. (http://paradisemillinery.blogspot.com/2010/03/dreams-really-do-come-true.html)

How does this work? How did these dreams come true?

Again simple.

God plants seeds and I water them. God then sees me nurturing the garden of My Possibilities and putting forth effort to see these seeds come into full bloom. So then He sprouts them and I get a glimpse that YES they are true, they are growing, so I keep watering them...why wouldn't I?

Here is another example. God puts a door in front of me. A door that could lead to amazing opportunities. But...I need to reach out for the handle and turn the knob. I am not sure what is behind the door but I know it's full of potential and purpose and it's for My Good for God would give me nothing but good.

Yet it requires effort and willingness. It requires stretching to reach the knob itself. It's really up to me. My free will. I can continue to just do what I do, which is totally fine. At the end of my life I will have led an average life of fineness. But one thing I KNOW is that behind that door is My Exceptional Life!!! Me at My Very Best!!! My Purpose!!! The life that God has blessed for me!!!

I Love to be Exceptional!!! I Am Great at Exceptional!!!

So I reach out, with confidence and take that knob and turn it with power and ...the door opens. That was the first step. I can not quite see what is behind the door, the path isn't completely clear but it IS GOLDEN and so confidently I take yet another step.

I am in. It IS ON! The Dream Comes True!

God then keeps opening doors and I keep stepping through. Simple.

So This Next Very Grand Very Believable Dream has come. I have already opened the door. I can even see the path clearly this time so that makes it even more realistic to take.

I have a dream. My dream is to do the following beginning in August.

. Gracefully leave Maui for a year

. Visit mi Familia in Arizona for 2 weeks

. Fly to London and take hat classes from Rose Cory, the former hat maker to the Queen Mum

. Then fly to NYC and establish Myself

. Meet and build relationships with ALL the people I need to meet and build relationships with to continue the launch of my hat business

. Meet the gallery owners

. Go to the MET once a week and study just one section of that grand museum at a time

. See My Hats and Myself participate in Fashion Week

. Experience my very first winter ever

. Be open to All The Possibilities!!!!

So this dream is extremely clear. There is room for maneuvering for God loves for me to have room. But the path is obvious, the vision precise, the seed already sprouted.

In order to make this Dream a reality I must raise funds. Since this Dream is about launching my Millinery Business I want my Millinery to launch The Dream!

So 60 hats in 60 days that will sell for $100. each...well that makes $6000. and a very realistic start.

Each hat will be an Original, One Of A Kind. The price is fantastic for I want it to be desirable for you and realistic for me...a real win win. By participating You are becoming one of my investors and that is something I shall not forget. I appreciate that so.

SO...keep an eye open...60 days of brilliance is coming, and maybe just maybe one of those days will be for You a day when You say..."Hey! That's My Hat!!!"

21 days can change a habit, 60 days could just change Your Life!!! Have a goal...join me April 14, 2010...it's ON!

to be continued....definitely...

It's Tuesday April 6th and Today's Honoree is...

The Lauhala Cocktail

NOT just The Lauhala Cocktail BUT My Personal Signature Hat!

I have worn this hat to just about every occasion possible...talk about versatile! From dinners out, to art openings, to church, to the grandest of events, to meeting Betsey Johnson!!!

This IS The Hat of all Hats and you can make a bet that indeed I WILL be making some of these within the marathon.

Lauhala is made from a leaves of the lauhala tree. These trees grow many places but here on Maui you'll spot them along the coast of the beautiful drive to Hana. They look like they came from a Dr. Seuss book...Their fruit has people thinking it's a pineapple tree (it's not)!!! Very animated, very useful!!!

The leaves are dried and stripped and then woven into beautiful items from hats to purses to floor mats (my house is layered with lauhala floor mats).

For this style I choose mats and then cut and re-shape to my heart's desire. I then add some lovely scarf I make and of course some silk and satin hand sewn roses with vintage buttons or in this case colored glass beads.

Honey, this hat...it's the very best! Betsey herself said so but even more importantly...I, the maker and wearer KNOW SO!!!

9 days till I begin...are you in???

21 days can make a new habit...60 days could change Your life!!!

Have A Goal in mind....JOIN ME!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

10 days and counting!!!

As I get prepared to launch into My Successathon (as a dear friend, Jenni named this time)...which is the commencing of 60 Hats in 60 Days, I want to spend this week Honoring The Hats of My Past.

Hats that have come out of different Inspired Times. Hats that have made me smile, or pricked my fingers, or poofed together effortlessly or caused mild tantrums. The end result always blissful and today's pick is....

Parisian Rose

This Rose is made of Chinese brocade and fuchsia silk...one of the most amazing colored silks I had ever seen. It changes with the light adding hints of orange...bellisima!

The center is dupioni pale pink silk and blush tone glass beads. This hat just makes me smile.

It now belongs to My Greatest Collector of The Moment... Leslie Granat.

Little roses sat a top their heads, making them smile and think silly little thoughts.

xoxoxxo for monday . april 5th . 2010 . 10 days to go!!!