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Friday, April 16, 2010

♥ My Dream is as Special As Me ♥ As Unique As Me ♥ It IS Multi-Layered ♥ Requires Effortless Ease ♥

How True!

Dreams are meant to be multi layered.  Multi layering allows for mystery, allows for miracles, allows God the space to open doors you may never have even thought about.

Today I open my dream to God.

I need not add pressure to my pot...I am making a delicious soup of my life and that requires slow and steady low heat not pressure cooking.

So today I choose to NOT make a hat.  No need.  Somedays I will make two (like Day 1) some days I will make none...I know my goal and I will reach it.

My goal isn't 60 hats in 60 days...

My Goal IS:

. going to London to meet and learn from Rose Cory

. moving to NYC for about a year (or how ever long I wish to be there) and embracing all that the city has to offer me

. allowing myself to grow as an Artist and Designer (accomplishing already!!!)

. to truly feel Contented and Happy (I have ALREADY accomplished this...hooray!)

. To see and spend time with Mi Familia in Arizona

These are my dreams and no matter what I do THEY ARE ON ROUTE...THEY ARE HAPPENING AND IT'S JUST A MATTER OF TIME...and guess what?

I get plenty o time!

So this Successathon, is So Important because it is like a retreat into Your Dreams.  This 60 day period is about truly embracing, living, believing, seeing Your Dream.

I find that ANY step I take towards My Dream is Just Exactly What I Need To Do.

So what do the next few steps look like???

I plan enjoying my weekend, spending time with people who inspire me (how awesome is that), floating naked in a pool, lounging in the sun, listening to beautiful music, laughing with dear ones, driving Miss Daisy (my little white miata), dressing up, donning hats, fueling myself with what makes me happy.

Perhaps I pull out my camera and take pictures of this week's brilliance.
Perhaps I will clear the deck of my studio and prepare for next week's brilliance.

I am ABSOLUTELY ON POINT.  Posed for all possibilities. Prepared and ready. 

I am a True Success Truly Living A Successathon!!!

Brilliant Me!

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