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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"24" A Rather Magical Year

The Grand Banyan Hat

When I was 23 I had just started making hats.  I had moved back from Maui (the first time) to Manhattan Beach, Ca. and for my 24th birthday I went to where my heart was...a trip back to the jungle!

The jungle being Nahiku, Maui.

Along side the sweet road on route to the landing and sea was this gynormous Banyan tree.  Banyan trees have these threads that are their roots which fall gracefully from the top and when they hit the ground they root very strongly.

So I started pulling and clipping and hanging off the roots that hadn't made it to the ground yet.  I soaked the roots in water and sat on top a cliff over looking the ocean and started weaving.  (Basically an upside down basket) and then one day Poof!  One of my favorite hats and now 17 years later I still have this hat.  It has held up quite well.

And the tree?
She is still there, along side the road, glorious and waiting for another moment have me clip and hang and pull Her...for She had FUN too!!!

Today's Sweet Memoir!

So officially 8 days till launching!!!  Exactly a week from Today I commence!!!

21 days can change a habit...60 days could change Your Life!!!

You in???

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  1. when can we go and BE with her?!! i am counting the days!!!