Katherine Carey Millinery

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day #10 Realization Day!

It IS A DAY of Realization!!!

A calm morning with clear intent.

It IS time to re align.

I want to THRIVE not strive!
The Push has to go! The Path that is mine requires no push. The doors open gracefully on their own! Yes I reach for the knob...that is my part BUT I do not need to kick in the door (for if I must kick door it's the wrong door!)

It's not a giving up, it's a re-aligning. In Dream Warrior phrasing it's a New Strategic Plan For Action.

I don't have all the details for this days awareness is enough!

But I will spin around my studio this weekend, seek inspiration, dance into my heart, let go of expectations of myself and definitely others...I WILL RISE LIKE THE PHOENIX FROM MY OWN ASHES and maybe pluck a few of my own feathers to don a hat!

So to gently skipping along...humming my tune and enjoying EACH moment...It's my life, my vision, my joy, my heart, my timing, my journey and it's just fyne!

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