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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here I Glow!!!!

la luna bella by Stephanie Clifton and God

Monday eve...Tuesday morn...Full Moon shining...clouds racing by...wind singing...house rattling...body soothed...heart content ...mind...AWARE...

Now IS the time!

I have been in a mediative state for the last part of winter...a hibernation while I sorted out what the Spring should hold.

I have planned and changed my plans (I love this step), I have dreamed dreamboats that showed up in my bay and kissed me deeply at the seashore, I have re-awakened my body and have even heard a change in my voice...literally.

And as sweet as all of this has been...I DO indeed have a plan and as if This Moment I intend on Commencing.

Afterall, I have a BIG travel to take on and it could come as early as in 4 months! So Big Dreams, Big Plans, Big Steps!!!

Step one...clear the deck!

Studio preparation for Brilliance to unfold.

I AM OFFICIALLY BACK IN BUSINESS!!!! (I never did leave!)

Yeeee haw!!! I likeey!

"Let The Games Begin!!!!"

Hoorah! Hooray!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dreams Really Do Come true!

When I think of all the dreams that have come true in past year I am blown away.  On a business/career level alone I have seen 4 dreams some which were 10-20 years in the wishing actually come true and with in 6 months of each other!!!

How is this possible???

. I think that Clarifying IS Key.
I think that if you can not clearly clarify then it takes all that much longer to come to pass. Why do I think such??? Well I have had most of these dreams for 20 years and it wasn't until I started believing in them that they started coming true.

Believing in them means taking actual steps towards them . I think in my life it is a beautiful combination of QHP and Faith in God and just trust in general that has made these come to pass. My faith is very important for to have Real Faith you must actually believe that this IS possible. It's one thing to pray, but praying and waiting leads to a lot of waiting. Praying and then taking a step into the unknown shows God that you absolutely believe this is possible, you are certain and determined.

Here is another opportunity to practice the QHP and definitely Passionate Detachment.. for it IS important to take those blind faith filled steps but you must detach from outcome for to let the Universe unfold Your Grand Plan. The Universe's plan for You "just" may be grander than what You See for Yourself.

Why I wrote this is because the very first step (for me) is to clarify...Announce My Dream! (of the moment) GO ahead... Announce! What DO You Want?? Once You determine that, step one has been taken. You can say You want "everything"...great! BUT if You can't name one thing then You have no starting point. Go ahead and dream the universe...why not? Which part would you like to start with...cuz You Need To Start somewhere.

I do have a suggestion.  I am part of a fantastic family of Believers on Dreams and I invite You to join us at http://diamond-dance.ning.com/

It is free to join and You can unfold Your Deepest Desires in a warm setting FULL of Encouragement.  What is the QHP???  Well starting in April You will see!  It is a wonderful guide to Living Your Exceptional Life!

The Quantum Heart Project!!!!

Share Your Dreams with Us...We WILL get you Rolling!



Friday, March 26, 2010

Stirring the Pot!

It's true, I have been a bit quiet lately...BUT I really haven't been quiet at all!!!  I have been dancing with the Muse, reveling in the very Most Important Inspiration!  Being kissed by the seashore! Mapping out My Next Grand Plan!

Oh YES!!!  Spring HAS Sprung!!!

I am thrilled that I have indeed A Brilliant Plan that makes total sense, is in my time frame, and includes even more Dreams coming true!!!

So what can You expect from Me???

Well be prepared for a Marathon Of Hat Making coming soon!

I plan on making 50 hats in 50 days that will sell for $100 each!  50 Original Hats!!! 

I will put together a show of these here on Maui in June BUT I will also put a show together via www so Anyone can purchase The Hat Of Their Dreams!!!

Stay Tuned and Happy Spring!!!!

pleasantly thrilled!

Monday, March 8, 2010

and why not?

Dreams.  They ARE worth Living.

Mine...fine tuned and in progress.

A few detours that lead to a clear path...

Take my fashion to fashion capitals!!!

So I will begin with a month in London, England where I will take classes in classic hat making by Rose Cory who is the former hat maker to the Queen Mum!

And after 3-4 weeks of this I shall take myself directly over to NYC where I will settle in for a bit and do a years worth of studying...my own curriculum that is custom designed for My growth.

I see taking plenty of the 1-3 day classes FIT offers in of course, the Business Of Fashion.  As well, I will join the Met and MOMA where I will go once a week and simply study one section at a time...dive into the art deep, soak in it, detail it....aaaaaah this is exciting!!!

I will continue to court Henri Bendel's and hopefully I will be doing trunk shows with them at least twice a year.  I hope to court Barney's and Bergdorff's too.  I will as I will be there.

I will do street fairs and fashion shows, court galleries and
designers ...INDEED!

That is the whole point.

So the countdown has started...5 months I feel to take off!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What IS Next???

After taking a little time to rest after the craziness of applying and then withdrawing application to FIT, I have been resting on the thoughts of ...
What is next?

The answer is simple.

I move forward towards my dream.  That is what I have always been doing, and truthfully this is what I always WILL BE DOING!!!

My dream is to live my life creating hats, painting paintings, painting murals, showcasing all of these, and traveling in the process.

   As I said to one soul my intention is...

 "Setting the course to build an empire of hats and art several heads at a time!"

So be IT!