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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Hatter's Hat-A-Thon

Once there was A Dream...

Wednesday April 14, 2010

New Moon

New Journey commences

ongoing through

Saturday June 12,2010

New Moon

Goal accomplished!!!

How Many Hats Will A Hatter Hat...

                    In 60 Days???

Each Hat will be An Original, A One Of A Kind, Creative Expression.
Hats will be Available For Sale for $100. each
Hats will be posted daily and can be purchased via email, or link to my etsy shop(http://www.etsy.com/shop/paradisemillinery), or through paypal.
Very simple...ask and I shall guide You!
$$ What are the funds for: $$

$.  To sponser a trip to London, England where I shall take hat classes from the former hatmaker to the Queen Mum, Rose Cory
$.  To then send me to NYC where I shall establish myself and dive head first into the fashion business


Le Showing of Le Grand Collection:
                       June 26, 2010
                       Full Moon
  Hat Show Event to be held on Maui

Hats are available for pre-purchase. Pre-purchased hats will be sent directly after the show. During the show they will be featured on display as SOLD!!

So How Many Hats Shall Be Hatted???

21 days can change a habit 60 days likely to change My Life!!!

Join Me?
Have a goal in mind?
The Theatre For Dreams
it's free to join and will help You Launch Yourself!!!

Off to continue with My Exceptional Life!!!

The Hats To Be!!!

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