Katherine Carey Millinery

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Balance . Strength . Nurturing . Determination . Stamina . Rest . Clarity . Focus

Pausing for a moment prior to taking on Le Grand Challenge.

How to accomplish this Brilliance and keep the above in tact.

Part of changing a habit is simply change.  Change can be for some uncomfortable, forces unseen, out of their norm.  For me, change is natural.

Still I am fully aware that this is indeed a change. 

Am I ready???


So for the next 3 days I will stay calm, research a proper diet to give me strength through out, learn to show up with out draining my resource (Me).

Oh I am so open to ideas for energy, strength, stamina...so please share any you may have.  (I have sorted out how to allow comments with out the silliness of actually joining this blog so it should be simple now!)


Only 3 days away...60 Hats in 60 Days!!!

Prepared to create a new habit and change My Life!!!

Stay tuned!

preparing for a wonderful adventure
hhhhmmmmm....what would Coco do?


  1. replenishing the energy well can be tricky sometimes but for me most easily accomplished through a deep natural connection with the gaia. if you find you have an excess of energy like stress, frustration or wanderlust, simply sit quietly on the earth and place your hands palm down on the dirt and release the energies back into the planet. this will calm your spirit. and in reverse, should you find your well running dry, utilize any new growth around you such as a tree, plant, mountainside greenery, the brighter green the better and visualize this new life energy in its full on glory enveloping your spirit in a complete focused connection. this too can be done with a rivers flow. greenery should be no problem to find on maui so anywhere anytime lies an abundant core for you. just do be sure to make an offering for the gift received.
    love, dg

  2. Dharma! Great advice!!! I thank you!!!