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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunflowers anyone???

Grand Opening of Paradise Millinery, Paia, Maui circa 1993

Not only are these my hats but as well two of my dress re designs...the sunflower dress and the, of course, matching muu muu and hat! (I loved cutting classic muu muu's into mini dresses and making matching accessories!)

And check out my front door!!! Yep...I LOVED this shop!!!

Twas opening night of my first hat shop in Paia.  A gas station turned fashion haven.  This was the start of numerous events or "happenings".   Each would include a fashion "hat" show, poetry, music...you know...bohemia!

The Sunflower Flapper

Oh yes!  I went through a serious sunflower phase!
Notice my model's jeans to which I painted sunflowers on! (The history is that before I learned to make hats I painted on straw hats and jeans!!)

So with this garden I continue the countdown...5 days!
And to help keep my strength up I am eating plenty of ....sunflower sprouts!!!

Through and through I will continue to believe that....
21 days can change a habit 60 days could change Your Life!!!


60 hats in 60 days!

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