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Thursday, May 13, 2010

30 DAYS!!!

Today is Day 30!!!

How amazing this is!!!

And what has been accomplished???

Well my goal was how many hats will a hatter hat in 60 days?
The answer: I will tell you in 60 days!

Another question: How many amazing Epiphany's will a soul have in 30 days?


I have indeed embarked on a journey I had only dreamed of...I had hoped for yet wasn't truly sure it would ever actually happen.

It has.

I am dancing with a partner that is dear to me.
The dance is familiar yet new.

More and more layers have been peeled back and with this deep understanding of who I am and why I have been stuck.

I have the root in my hands and while I don't want to just rip it up (for I know likely that will tear the root and it will still be there) I push back the earth around it deeper and deeper holding strong what has held me for all these numerous years.

The root is deep but Gods love for me is much more deep... endless.

My walk with God is strong. His hand embraces mine and when I seem shaky and want to let go of this root of pain I feel His touch on my shoulder and I am not afraid. I can... I will... I continue to unearth what needs to be let go.

So in the past 30 days I have found myself in love, trusting myself, trusting G0D, knowing I am exceptionally fine, happy, organized, ready, fully supplied, bursting with creativity, ready to soar, feeling more gorgeous than ever, enjoying the best passion of my life so far, laughing endlessly, feeling at peace, scared to take a leap BUT taking the leap anyways and feeling embraced, joyous, centered, content.

I'd say that is quite successful!

And several hats have been designed!

But it's N0T about the hats!

Turns out I am designing my entire life currently!

I AM SUCH A GREAT DESIGNER!!!! (a talent G0D gave Me!)


thank Y0U for joining me on this journey

What a ride!!!

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