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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here I Glow!!!!

la luna bella by Stephanie Clifton and God

Monday eve...Tuesday morn...Full Moon shining...clouds racing by...wind singing...house rattling...body soothed...heart content ...mind...AWARE...

Now IS the time!

I have been in a mediative state for the last part of winter...a hibernation while I sorted out what the Spring should hold.

I have planned and changed my plans (I love this step), I have dreamed dreamboats that showed up in my bay and kissed me deeply at the seashore, I have re-awakened my body and have even heard a change in my voice...literally.

And as sweet as all of this has been...I DO indeed have a plan and as if This Moment I intend on Commencing.

Afterall, I have a BIG travel to take on and it could come as early as in 4 months! So Big Dreams, Big Plans, Big Steps!!!

Step one...clear the deck!

Studio preparation for Brilliance to unfold.

I AM OFFICIALLY BACK IN BUSINESS!!!! (I never did leave!)

Yeeee haw!!! I likeey!

"Let The Games Begin!!!!"

Hoorah! Hooray!

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