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Monday, January 4, 2010


When exactly will I take responsiblity my value? So many years thinking someone will see...but I forgot it starts with Me!

Well it may have taken me 20 years but I am a slow a steady wheel and I GET THERE I really do! I have looked in the mirror, I have seen the reflection of years of experience, pieces of art, hats, hats, and so many hats, numerous jobs, painted glassware, murals, sets and on and on sold for a price.

What do I balance all this with? The times I have felt my value shine! And there have been plenty of those. The times when I felt the glow of success. The times when I sold a painting, a hat, a mural for what I felt was a very great price (meaning I was paid well and the client was happy). I place this on a scale along with when I sold numerous originals on canvas, glass, or fabric and blurted out some number that reflected useless in the real world and cost of living. The difference is obvious.

Jobwise too. Jobs...sometimes you got to have them! There are those jobs where I was paid a very good wage and felt fantastic about the work I was doing. A real win win win! Then the jobs that I accept where I am not even being paid what I thought I would start at yet it's 2 years later, the work has expanded and so have the bills and I still make the same...no balance there at all.

So...why waste time blaming or feeling down about not making my value! It's wasteful, unproductive, non nourishing and will get me no where at all.

Today, January 4th, 2010 I am accepting my value to match the very great feelings I have felt in the past. These are to be my present and future. Will the people accept this? Of course because they see my value as well and if they are purchasing a product or a service they realize they will be getting this value too. It will reflect upon them postively, they will thrive, they will smile and I...I will love myself enough to know that I am ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT ALL!

By the way...YOU ARE TOO!

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