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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Clarity Part 1

So I have been floating as of late wondering what exactly I really truly want to do. How do I want to live My Exceptional Life?  Am I the only one??

My post regarding commissions may have been confusing to some so clarity says keep it simple.

Simply said I AM soaring in millinery (hat making) absolutely LOVING what I do and pushing further with this dream.

What I am wanting to halt is "custom" hat making for individual clients.  Mostly because it is time consuming. Custom hats are when someone says..."I'd like to get a hat, these are the colors, this is the style, this material, this occasion, this size".  This situation leaves very little room for me as an artist and designer to actually design! Everything is specific and there is no room to let the hat form organically (even if I am using organic fibers!)

What I DO want to do is continue to design and make hat collections.  Meaning my designs, my inspirations, as they unfold.  Perhaps I am watching a vintage film and I am inspired...I may sketch or even start creating a line right there on the spot! Or it may be a fabric I find or a beautiful flower. The process begins...The collection unfolds and I hope that this will excite my clientile.

It mostly comes down to time and currently I have only so many studio hours available...

more soon!

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