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Monday, January 4, 2010

Defining My Destiny

Deep in the swell of choices.
What a wonderful place this is.
Today's choice...letting go of commissions.

Passionately detaching from what I assumed was to be my life as a milliner.

Raymond Hudd stepped into my hat shop 19 years ago...I was barely open, barely 23, barely a hat maker when I was given this shop. I had no idea of who he was, silly me, till his companion told me..."that is Raymond Hudd!"

Well Raymond Hudd is one of the Milliner Extraordinaries of this lifetime. A true Master and a Legend. This is a letter I am hoping his brother receives stating exactly what this choice is:


With just the possible chance you might actually get this I just wanted to say I was JUST thinking of your brother Raymond. I was doing a web search as I reflected on my past and finally found this spot.

I hope Raymond is in good health and more importantly happy.

I used to have a hat shop on the island of Maui in the town of Paia (a north shore surf town). This was 19 years ago! I had just started making hats and found myself with my first shop barely had opened when your brother came in. I was young and naive about much but I never forgot his visit.

In retrospect, the King came through the village!

He liked what I was doing and now I think really?!? For 20 years the hats are much better than they were back then but he said he would be on the look out for my name. (The King’s Blessing)

I remember well that I said I was planning on making custom hats…I remember distinctively that Mr. Hudd said “Oh NO!” (well something to this) basically that I should not make custom hats and that it will drive me crazy. And then poof! He was gone.

Well many moons have passed, that shop has turned into a Thai restaurant but I am still designing hats true and true. And if you get this and would do me the great favor of giving your talented brother a message from one of the village peasants... it would be this:

After 20 years of not taking your wise advice I am pleased that finally in this new decade of 2010 I WILL NO LONGER BE MAKING CUSTOM HATS BECAUSE FOR 20 YEARS IT HAS DRIVEN ME NUTS!!!

I love your brother because, well, why wouldn’t I? He literally can say He told me so! I am grateful and I really hope you get this message and will pass on mine.

Aloha and a hui hou! (till we meet again!)

Katherine Carey
Paradise Millinery
free after taking Mr. Hudd’s advice only 20 years later…blessed!

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