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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Preparing for the essay I will be writing for FIT

What makes Me the Perfect Candidate for FIT? Why am I interested in the major I am applying for?

Here's my first draft brainstorm:

. Company name: Paradise Millinery specializing in originals and one of a kind hats
. 20 years experience
. self taught

. want techniques to grow, want instruction
. want skills and understanding to grow in the business world of fashion
. ALWAYS wanted to learn how to create shoes and handbags (perfect pairing for hats!)

. to open a shop where I create and sell my hats, handbags, and shoes, as well as, operate a gallery to feature my artwork and support local artists through monthly shows and events.
. to work with designers in creating hats to compliment their lines for runway and market.
. to become a better designer and business woman so that I can live an exceptional life doing and succeeding in what I was born to DO!

I am SO READY to learn! I am open to all the expertise that FIT offers. I need FIT to grow. I have gone as far as I can in 20 years of learning on my own. Because I am established in my design work I will be able to keep my aesthetic while fine tuning, polishing and preparing myself for ultimate success.

I look forward to the true opportunity to learn, ask questions, step through the doors that FIT will open. Truly this will be a dream come true.

So over the weekend I will be spinning all these ideas into what I hope to be an inspiring, irresistible essay for success. I am VERY open to thoughts, help, and ideas if you have any. Mahalo!

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  1. I want to say...I need you FIT! Nurture me into my most fabulous, qualified, instructed, well educated, ready to soar, all techiniques known, all connections made, polished, ready for success Milliner that I am.
    Now that is what I would say tonight from the top of the Empire State Building looking directly towards the school!