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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

essay, theme, pick me...please??!?! part 1

750 words as to why I should be chosen to go to The Fashion Institute Of Technology for Accessories Design

So I was able to finally print some info regarding the process of becoming a "chosen" student. I may have missed the Fall entry...but I am still going to go for it. I don't know that Accessories Design is as popular as Fashion Design so I "may" be in time.

It really doesn't matter. I am goiiiiiiiiiiiiing! (I will have to tone down my creative spellings and love of ... for the theme!) Fall/Spring/Whenever!!! (ok I'll tone down the !!! too. Oh THAT will be a challenge!)

So I think the best way to write the best theme (they are asking for a theme, of course) is to write from the heart and have those brilliant minds around you HELP ME EDIT to "less" than 750 words of brilliance, determination, shiny goodness, and WHY!

No worries, y'all don't have to count words! I'll do that. I will soon post what I hope will open the doors, greet me with hugs, and brighten my future.

This IS my time! I truly feel it!  Brava! (perhaps the ending??? ... maybe : )


  1. and i love your blog, very cool!!!
    i have to go back aND READ A COUPLE I MISSED ALREADY. rock on!!!

  2. Thanks Windy...I feel likewise for Yours! xoxo