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Friday, March 26, 2010

Stirring the Pot!

It's true, I have been a bit quiet lately...BUT I really haven't been quiet at all!!!  I have been dancing with the Muse, reveling in the very Most Important Inspiration!  Being kissed by the seashore! Mapping out My Next Grand Plan!

Oh YES!!!  Spring HAS Sprung!!!

I am thrilled that I have indeed A Brilliant Plan that makes total sense, is in my time frame, and includes even more Dreams coming true!!!

So what can You expect from Me???

Well be prepared for a Marathon Of Hat Making coming soon!

I plan on making 50 hats in 50 days that will sell for $100 each!  50 Original Hats!!! 

I will put together a show of these here on Maui in June BUT I will also put a show together via www so Anyone can purchase The Hat Of Their Dreams!!!

Stay Tuned and Happy Spring!!!!

pleasantly thrilled!

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