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Monday, March 8, 2010

and why not?

Dreams.  They ARE worth Living.

Mine...fine tuned and in progress.

A few detours that lead to a clear path...

Take my fashion to fashion capitals!!!

So I will begin with a month in London, England where I will take classes in classic hat making by Rose Cory who is the former hat maker to the Queen Mum!

And after 3-4 weeks of this I shall take myself directly over to NYC where I will settle in for a bit and do a years worth of studying...my own curriculum that is custom designed for My growth.

I see taking plenty of the 1-3 day classes FIT offers in of course, the Business Of Fashion.  As well, I will join the Met and MOMA where I will go once a week and simply study one section at a time...dive into the art deep, soak in it, detail it....aaaaaah this is exciting!!!

I will continue to court Henri Bendel's and hopefully I will be doing trunk shows with them at least twice a year.  I hope to court Barney's and Bergdorff's too.  I will as I will be there.

I will do street fairs and fashion shows, court galleries and
designers ...INDEED!

That is the whole point.

So the countdown has started...5 months I feel to take off!!!

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