Katherine Carey Millinery

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From NOW ON...

It's A Brand New Decade!!!

Isn't that something to consider??? 

Talk about a Fresh Start!!!  Did You desire "One"???  I DID!!!

I have decided that

"It's About From NOW ON..."

Not about the past, nor even today, not about childhood, nor first loves, nor this past year's loves, not about yesterday, nor an hour ago...I can do nothing about ANY of this.

It's about FROM NOW ON...

From right NOW ON I CAN follow my dreams, make new choices, set new goals, rest assured, be hopeful, step in faith, trust God, take a chance or several, get back up again, and AGAIN, smile brighter, love, adventure, write, read, pray...from RIGHT NOW...ON...

Now THIS excites me!!!  A lot!!!

Tonight I soaked in a tub of delightful scents, I created a lovely dinner, I poured a glass of wine, I opened my blank book of Possibility and I wrote My Dreams for the beginning of this Brand New Decade 2011:

1. To embrace commitment in ALL areas of My Life

2. To physically correspond

3. To be Graceful in ALL areas of My Life

4. To Embrace "WHERE" I AM in ALL areas of My Life

*** Joie De Vivre***

of course I then added to these:

. to be more accepting of myself, others, choices in general, taking chances

. to record the journey and past his/HERSTORY...My Story!

. to sow seeds - LOTS of seeds. 



To   S  T  R  E  T  C  H    farther... and then some more!!! 

Oh I had more...physical places I will go, physical changes I will see in myself, business goals too (of course) but the listed above...THESE are what fills the first few pages of my blank book.

I am excited to BE the person who embraces commitment and can make a choice!  Who spends time writing and creating cards and letters to send to those I love.  To attempt "Gracefulness" in everything I do, to fully embrace where I am both location wise and just simply in my spirit. 

I look forward to taking more chances and making more choices because I accept that I am WILLING to try

I will SO enjoy the writing of my journey and hope it will inspire someone else to step out into a journey of their own!

I look forward to being able to sow seeds of encouragement, and hope, to stretch my faith, to be abundant while I give abundantly.

And being authentic all along the way...stretching a little farther...dreaming a little larger...embracing the whole beautiful book that is My Exceptional Life.

Well...that was an excellent use of an evening.  The best part is that I can and will possibly adjust these as I go along...but I must say...I love them JUST the way they are!!!

What are YOUR Hopes and Dreams for This New Year and Brand New Decade???


  1. Katherine, you have great plans for this coming year and I'm excited for you! Thanks for sharing your hopes and dreams with the world. My hopes and dreams: Travel Europe with my family, finish writing a book I'm 3/4 way through, and enjoy every minute of my life. Live in the Now. And appreciate what I have while striving to grow.

    2011 is looking great!

  2. Wonderful Maria!!! I look forward to what you write while in Europe!!! I had plans to write my goals but you inspired making an evening of it...thank you SO much... what a wonderful time I had!!! I appreciate knowing YOU!!! Happy New Year!!!