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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays Folks!!!!

M E L E   K A L I K I M A K A ! ! !

Dear Familia and Friends...

I am SO SO SO Blessed to have EACH of You in My Life. I wish for You a wonderful Christmas season and a Very Blessed New Decade!!!

Yes!!! New Decade!!! Isn't that awesome!!! The beginning of this new century has had it's ups and deep downs at times BUT here we go with a Fresh New Start and I AM TAKING IT!!!

I have had a pretty amazing year. Definitely a growing season in My Life. But I am not growing alone...God is with me every step I take and I am most grateful for this.

Some of you know already that I have been desiring to step out in faith and follow my destiny.  I think that each of has this "Call"...but do we always pick up the phone???  Well I have and for the past year my desire was to reach the crossroads and take a new direction.

I stood at that crossroads for about 8 months (likely longer)...it was a scary step to take...the so called comfort zone (which frankly wasn't that comfortable) seemed to keep me glued in place.

But God HAS INDEED heard my cries and INDEED answered My Prayers.

I took the leap!!!

And as God would do it the process was blessed beyond my expectations. 

My job I held for the past 2 1/2 years came to an end.  The family country store I managed changed leases (after 90+ years) and I found myself with a golden ticket!!!  Better than resigning as I had wanted to (and for a long, long, LONG time)...I was gracefully let go with a bonus that blew my mind and heart, also receiving a letter of recommendation that will serve me for years.  I was eligible for unemployment, something I have never had, and find myself today...simply Blessed.

So what is next???  After all I have leapt and am on a New Path...where does it lead me???


Surprised???  Really???  Come now...even You must know that I am drawn here!!!  And I am indeed.

After all I am in the fashion business.  Being in New York is going to do wonders for my career....divine appointments with just the right people at just the right time...and the right time IS NOW!!!

Sure this is a huge HUGE change!!!  Sheesh, I am going to be packing and storing 7 years of My Life, giving up the best space I have lived in with THE BEST LANDLORD EVER!!! (But God has EVEN better in store for me!!!)  I will be selling my Daisy...My Beloved Daisy!!!

YET...I have always felt my Daisy was an Investment for My Exceptional Life so she is fulfilling her destiny too!!!

Oh I am excited with what God is doing daily in My Life.  I know He has a wonderful plan for me and I am SO excited to discover what "it" actually turns out to be!!!

SO for 2011 I plan to spend the winter season on gorgeous Maui, embracing every detail of this Paradise I call home, I will be packing up my world as I know it, storing it carefully for my return and preparing to launch forth by the Spring.

My first destination....

To spend QUALITY TIME with Mi Familia!!!!  SO looking forward!!!  Likely in March or April and God willing BOTH!!!

So looking forward to seeing you, and spending true quality time with each of you out there...that alone could take over a month!!!

And then come May...

Off to see what God has in store next!!!!

What are YOUR plans for this Brand New Decade???

Love to each and EVERY ONE of YOU!!!  God's Grace and Blessing in YOUR Live's!!!!


Blessed, Blissed, Joyous!!!


  1. Wow that's awesome Katherine! When I got laid off from Mama's and started drawing unemployment it was a similar time for me. I was a little worried, but also empowered to pursue my first hobby, electronics! This led me down a path that I had never expected... building robots and sharing them at Maker Faire.

    So here I am a couple of years later FINALLY working at a real job again. What's next? I really don't know for sure, but I want to stay on that path of creating things with my brain, things electronic, things technical. This new income will empower me to do that.

    ...and so I go forth, one day at a time, and keep the faith. :)

    May our dreams be fully realized in this new decade!

    Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!! :)

  2. Absolutely Dino!!!They are bound too!!!There is no stopping creativity once it is plugged into!!! Happy Holidays!!

  3. My heart is singing along with yours, Katherine! I am so happy for you, your joy is my joy and Thank You so much for adding to my joy with this wonderful christmas letter. As I've mentioned many times, leaps of faith are so much fun (once you get yourself past the scary part, which is actually leaping) and the new adventures they lead us to are just so frickin' AWESOME! I can't wait to hear more about the next corner you turn and I know that there is only joy ahead of you. Don't forget, I am your Diamond Dance friend so if there is ANYTHING I can do for you, if you ever need anything, just say so. I love you and share in your adventure. Donna

  4. You rock girl!!! You are riding your dream horse far and wide. Lilikoi and I wanna come and play a small part in your amazing life. We should be there around the 15th of Jan, will you be there?
    Thanks for being an inspiring friend and Auntie among so many other good things,

  5. Donna I am so blessed to have YOU in my life!!! I look forward to going around a corner and bumping into YOU!!!

    And Keyo...YES! YES! I WILL be here and am excited with joy to see You and Lilikoi The Great....it's going to be a fabulous winter season!!!

    Love ALL you Ladies!!!! xoxoxox

  6. Katherine,
    Wow, I'm surprised and very happy for you.
    Your life is a great story and each chapter is more exciting than the other. They say that we are the writers & directors of our own lives and you're doing a damn good job. Good Luck to you!
    I have to share that I was just appointed a position in Alans new administration - I start January 3rd - very excited to be on a new chapter myself.
    Merry Christmas.

  7. oh Yay for you Katherine!

    I'm so proud of you for deciding to take the leap & run with it!
    As someone who just recently did this, might I suggest that you sell off almost everything but clothing & art supplies... I got rid of EVERYTHING & had 4 large plastic storage tubs of stuff left to keep on Maui...

    As for my continuing journey... I'm still in Tunisia soaking in all the sites while working at a language institute, and am heading to Istanbul tomorrow for the holidaze, as well as job hunt. I am planning on moving to Istanbul or Izmir (on the Aegean coast), or the island of Cyprus- in the north where Turkey is occupying it. I have a few universities in mind that I want to work at! I have also gotten an opportunity to work for the NPS on the island of Palau (near Papua New Guinea)- as an archaeologist of course. So, I have a lot of decisions in the near future as I"m really enjoying this teaching path right now. We shall wait & see what happens. Now it is time to seize the beautiful sunny, yet chilly, North African morning!
    love you & GO GET 'EM
    p.s. I wore your hat to our work Christmas party on Sunday and all were floored!!! tee hee hee

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  9. WOW!!! So exciting to see ALL of the New Fresh Directions we are ALL taking!!! Yes to letting go of anything that is not:
    1. a precious memento (treasures of family and friends)
    2. irreplaceable
    3. ART supplies and ART itself

    Should be a very fun "Estate Sale"....I am combining this with a Grand Art Event in February!!! Plus I am taking with me only one suitcase and one bag of hats...figuring..it's NYC...if I can't find it there I can't find it anywhere!!!

    Have a wonderful adventure Miss Holly!!! I am most excited for you!!! And Dena...this is YOUR TIME!!! So excited to see you take your wonderful skills and soar with them!!!

  10. The Hattitude of the cool Kat
    Is genius in a cocked hat
    One thing I know for sure
    The world just longs to see more
    For this is most truly said
    'Get a Kat-hat to get ahead'

  11. very excellent, i think it's about time! Flex like a reed, and be a trout not a salmon!! All the twisty windyness of our paths usually comes full circle in a most unexpected and beautiful way, i'm experiencing this right now and am so greatfull to experience the reward of all good things in all good time... congratulations miss thang,