Katherine Carey Millinery

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Approaching Bliss

Though it was an up hill climb I did press on and then I got to a stopping point. What now?

I have literally been at the cliff's edge for well over a year. I have wanted to take that leap but I have steadlily waited for the sign it WAS/IS indeed Time.

SO I waited and watched...and most importantly ... listened.

God would tell me "when" and I fully believe that. I have had many influences give me their thoughts of when the time is...some say "now!" other's say "wait!". Truth is none of them are ME standing on that cliff...it is I that will be stepping off...it's My Cliff.

I do believe we all have our crossroad moments. I passed the crossroad a long time ago and it led me to Just This Place /Just This Time.

But stepping off means what?

Unknown for certain...a New Life for another.

By standing here as long as I have, I keep searching for My Purpose. It has much more to do than just the creating of art. It is deeper but what exactly is "It"?

So I wait...and I wait... and literally I test the waters...or air in this case...how does it smell? How does it feel? Is it gentle or strong? Does it tell a story or offer a clue?

Then one day, not long ago, I heard "It".


The voice wasn't loud or overly excited...just calm and steady and made me glow a glow I seem to carry with me currently.

I stepped off.

And what happened then????

God showed up!

God was always there...it was God's voice I heard saying "Now." The beauty is that when one takes a real step of faith into the "unknown" God reaches up and gives you your next platform...and then you take another step and yet again God reaches out too.

So what is my platform???

My Platform is to Encourage YOU!!!
I feel deeply honored to have the opportunity to be a hopeful blessing in YOUR LIFE!!!

As I continue to take the next step and the next one after that, I trust God will continue to show up and gently carry me through. He said He would.
"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 1:11
And you know what else??? I fully believe that when we take those empty handed leaps of faith into the unknown God smiles...and I think that is exactly why I am glowing!!!

To definitely be continued....


  1. I just LOVE leaps of faith. They are exhilarating! And for a vibrant soul like you, Katherine, your leaps of faith will take you higher and higher. Don't let a little thing like "fear" keep you from leaping. Besides, what's the worst that could happen?......

    See, I told you it was easy! Love always,

    PS I am dreaming of an art show for you, here in my home town, Cincinnati. Maybe Joydreamer too???

  2. Sounds wonderful Donna!!! I am in the deep midst of reading The Answer you sent...God is guiding me and absolutely I am following. Sending you love all the way from across the sea! xoxoxo