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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Emerging of A Freed Free Spirit

The time has come for me to shed the beautiful net that I have wrapped myself in, to discover what lies ahead, to trust God's Grand Plan.

Attempting to describe the feelings I am having I looked to The Butterfly...the amazingness of this creature that transforms from Beautiful to AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!

In the research I have been dazzled with the glory that is My Story told through these amazing beauties...

The Emerging of a Freed Free Spirit

Text by Katherine
Amazingness by God

While daydreaming with My Favorite Daisy one day, I realized I HAD POTENTIAL and in order to reach that POTENTIAL I knew what I had to do...

                        So I started The Climb...

    It had to be Just The Best Spot so I inspected carefully...

                 Got opinions from trusted sources...


Then found what I needed and settled in for what would be Quite A Transformation...

I chose Green with Spots of Gold!

While on the surface I looked stunning...on the inside I was melting down...I was incredibly unsure...what was happening??? I knew it didn't feel very good but I couldn't get out in this state so I had best....simply....Trust.

As my vision became more clear I saw I had indeed transformed into something Amazing but still I couldn't quite leave...for one thing I felt protected...on the other hand I felt dull...I now could see the Big Beautiful World outside my golden cocoon and I am pretty sure my colors are more amazing than this...this was simply a waiting game so again....Trust.

 Then One Day "It" happened...An Opening!!!!

Finally A Breath Of Fresh Air...

I found Myself sliding out mostly gracefully...

I still hung on. I realized I had wings but using them is a whole different thing...could I? I was told I could but really???

Leaving the comfort zone I have known for quite a while whether it was uncomfortable at times or not ...it is indeed A Great Big Huge Step!!! But here I GO...

Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Look at Me!!!! Fully Free!!!! Amazingly Beautiful!!!! Doing things I had only heard of!!! Things I only imagined!!! I feel...Like Myself Again...only I am My Most Amazing Self EVER!!!

         And look at all the amazing things I can do!!!!

And look at My AMAZING FRIENDS!!!! xoxoxo
So Beautiful....not The End...THIS IS THE BEGINNING!!!!


  1. Start of a good story; excellent photography. Keep up the positive vibe and fly.

  2. Katherine said...I fully am in agreement with Terry!