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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where for Art I?

Aaaaaah....over a year later...where did I go???  Did I abandon my beloved millinery???

No Darlings, not even remotely!

I have launched to New Levels, moved from Maui to NYC, have become a full time Milliner, have learned New Skills, Perfected My Art...and ... Launched My Destiny...along with a New Blog discussing how I have done each step.

I do hope you will take a peek.

Being that there was SO MUCH CHANGE!!!  SO MUCH MAJOR CHANGE!!!  I gave myself a break at attempting to keep 2 blogs current.  However, a year later, I desire too.  

I LOVE this blog about all things Chapeaux!

So forgive the break and let's get on with the goods!

A Pre-Preview of the beginnings of My Fall 2012 collection!

In the works!

These Lovelies are made of fur felt, feathers, veiling, glass beads, rhinestone bling and heaps of LOVE!!! 

You can view other styles I have made on my website: www.katherinecarey.com

It's been an AMAZING YEAR following my heart and my Dream...you can read about it on the blog I linked before:

Okay...off to block some chapeaux to add to this table! 


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