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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Deep In The Heart Of It

My Life is changing rapidly.  I am overwhelmed with pure joy as I realize I have indeed stepped out into the unknown...I am following my heart and my heart is soaring.

Currently the one thing that keeps me grounded is the task at hand...packing.  42 years of memoirs some junglefied and must be laid to rest...it's emotional indeed.  But with every precious item I let go I feel lighter and lighter and lightness is what I want.

This is a Brand New Book...not a chapter in My Life...a whole New Book of Unknown Possibiliy. 

I am prepared, centered, open...so very open, solid, guided by my faith, protected by my Father, ready, willing, and able...

1,2,3...here I grow!!!

A Hui Hou!!!

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