Katherine Carey Millinery

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Dream IS A Wish Your Heart Makes....

"A Dream is a wish your heart makes..."

My Heart Wished and Wished and Believed and Wished and Believed some more with ALL It's Might and then One Day...My Dream INDEED came true!!! 

It actually has already been happening and now the pace has begun to become quite, well...rapid.

I'll be in New York by Spring time!!!  The latter part of the Spring!

I am INDEED venturing forth on my journey, indeed packing and sorting 20 years of life, indeed creating A Grand Collection of my creativity, indeed scheduling the last events (for the time being) here on my island paradise...My Beloved Maui.

It has been an overwhelming time, full of excitement, full of butterflies bouncing off the inner walls of my stomach, full of Trust that indeed I am packing for a reason, that indeed I will land...I am setting the course of My Success.

However, as of this week, I have actual finalization, actual grounding.  I have my landing spot, I have my departure date, I have my checklist...it's A GO!!!!!

So what "exactly" are my plans?

Well, the month of February is full of art events...for I have beautiful art to sell prior to leaving...and this will include the making of more art.  That's almost crazy to be creating while packing but I admit...I AM HIGHLY INSPIRED!!!  20 years of studio supplies to "attempt" to use/and/or pack/sell...posting dates of events REALLY soon , as well as, posting photos of everything online (oh my!).

Then comes March...the Grand Estate Sale/Open House...the last coffees with friends, the last dinners, soirees, dances, etc.  Hugs and tears, laughter and memoirs relived...March will be the end of Winter...the beginning of Spring and My Time to Spring Forth onto My New Life.

1st stop: Arizona!!!  Mi Familia and a month or so of quality time with my most treasured people...a time to soak in all the flavor that is my heritage...this is the "treat" of the year.  I shall be there for Easter...a sacred day that celebrates A New Life...for Mother's Day spent WITH MY MUM and My 43rd Birthday.

About a week later, 20 years after I originally intended to go, I will set forth for NYC.

My landing spot: New Jersey.  Jersey City to be exact...to a 200 hundred year old house of a long time friend and her family.  A most wonderful safe zone to breathe, pinch, breath some more the REALITY that I HAVE DONE IT!!!

I can  easily hop in to NYC...about a 40 minute travel...I can take my time discovering where exactly I am meant to be always knowing that when I am done adventuring I have a Home to go home to.


Guided, protected, filled with favor...God has indeed directed my steps and His grace shines through my graceful path.

It's going to be a busy time...but WOW OH WOW MY DREAM CAME TRUE!!!!!!


The moral of this story:

"A Dream IS A Wish Your Heart Makes...

...If You keep on Believing

The Dream that You Wish Will Come True."
                            - Cinderella
                            Dream Princess


  1. Twenty years are like a day when a dream is incubating.

    I'm so happy for you!

    It is fun to keep up with your adventures, Katherine!

    Love always,

  2. JOY Full Journeys, Princess Cinderella Dreamer!!! This is such a beautiful journal you share. LOVE ALWAYS!!! You will be missed!!!

  3. ..Always keep dreaming! Dreams do come true---I believe in the magic too! :) All the best to you xoxoxo