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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

changing lanes?

Swondering what direction I shall take with FIT...turns out the degree I was thinking of going for doesn't really cover hats so much...so I am thinking of creating my own curriculum from all the courses they have...one thing though...since it won't be a "degree" I won't be able to get financial aid and student housing is highly questionable.

WHAT I really need is to talk with someone there and THIS IS PRECISELY WHAT I HOPE TO DO MANANA.

I am going into this fearlessly for I feel that adding knowledge to my world will only help and therefore the universe will support this.

Still the confusion and wandering I have been doing on a 9" computer and getting lost on fairly confusing web site has been a bit baffling. I feel like I am planning this HUGE step with no info on where it goes!

WHAT IS GREAT is that I realized WHAT I want to study and will go from there.

Just letting you all know my haps as I try to perfect my hats!

Keeping my sense of humor...HA HA HA AH HA!!!

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