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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Todays Shiny Light Peeking Through The Rabbit Hole!!!

After a day of number crunching, catalogue skimming, pondering, shaking with nerves, taking deep breaths, trusting, napping, chatting with a dear friend ....


The reality is that Yes! I want to take the Accessories Design Program offering me a AA Degree after 2 years, teaching me how to make shoes, handbags, belts...IN ADDITION TO...I will also take ALL the Millinery courses which in this same two year time will offer me a Millinery Certificate...this is Plan A!

In my style I have a Plan B as well. This plan would see me going to NYC and taking
the Millinery Design course (which is a two year course), as well as, taking a variety of specific courses they offer that make up a brilliant cassoulet of success lined armor for which I can take on and rule my fashion empire. This plan requires more effort as it's not a degree program, funding may be more difficult, housing off campus, etc. BUT it IS absolutely a possibility.

My first attempt will be Plan A..the degree they offer with the certificate I desire, living on campus and diving full on into the abiss or down the rabbit hole of my future.

I am stepping into a massive debt (the part that makes me shake and freeze at the same time)...


I am going to trust Myself, My Brilliance, My Genius and KNOW that indeed I will be Launching My Success!!! That the numbers will not be situation for I will be making MUCH MUCH MORE than my loan will be.

So enough sitting on the pot meditating on my decisions...time to freakin sketch the shoe, bag, and belt they are asking for, time to apply for Fafsa (financial aid), time to, as Nike says, JUST DO IT!!!

So be it!

And for the record I SO appreciate your bits of encouragement because as determined and together as I sound...I am freaking out! (in a good way that still makes me want to hurl at times!) : ) xoxoxoxoxo!!!!

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