Katherine Carey Millinery

Friday, June 4, 2010

here and now


Reflecting on much.

An encore tonight that was truly such a blessing in multiple ways. Firstly, on my emotional roller coaster I have felt I am in a daze and have been for quite a while...like ALL of Spring! Blissful, intense, dreaming forward so much that I am not sure I have even been present at all.

grounding. for a bit. centering.

Finding my balance for this particular set is huge...or rather has been. It's been absolutely perfect and yet truthfully I have been so far ahead I am not sure I have even enjoyed it for the amazingness it has been.

I have been dreaming of having my year on Le Grand Adventure be a sabbatical where I simply spend my time studying and learning and not having to worry about basics and j.o.b.s...but maybe...I ought to take a sabbatical from My Self.

Give my brain a sabbatical.

Kind of brilliant don't you think?! I mean really!

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